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Complaint procedures

We take complaints seriously at GYS, and provide here an outline of our complaints procedure, including details of how to lodge a complaint, and our process for review.

Who can complain?

This complaints procedure covers complaints from:

  • Users of GYS services
  • Members of the public

How to complain

Lodging complaints

At first you will be asked to put the complaint in writing. You may use the below form as a guide if you wish. 

The staff member or volunteer receiving the initial complaint should ensure that you are treated with courtesy and offered any relevant assistance (e.g. telephone interpreter) to help you to make your complaint.


If you have difficulty putting a complaint in writing, you may ask for an appropriate advocate to be found for you. You may also choose to make your complaint by telephone, email or face to face if you would have difficulty making a complaint in writing.

To whom should claims be addressed?

Complaints should be addressed to the Coordinator, unless the complaint is about the Coordinator, in which case it should be addressed to the Chair of the Board.

Dealing with complaints

Complaint file and database

When a written complaint is received, the Coordinator should open a complaint file.

Letter of acknowledgment

All complaints must be acknowledged in writing within fourteen days.

Investigating the complaint

First the Coordinator will discuss the complaint with the staff member or volunteer concerned and then report back to you. If the Coordinator feels it appropriate to do so, a meeting with you and the person you complained about may be arranged to help solve the problem.

This will not be appropriate in all circumstances however and its solely at the Coordinator’s discretion. This process must be completed within four weeks of receiving the complaint.

What happens if I am not satisfied with the outcome?

If the matter is not resolved to your satisfaction the Coordinator must notify the Board at its next regular meeting. The Board may appoint a sub-committee to review the complaint process. If the complaint concerns a Board member the Board member must stand aside while the complaint is dealt with.

The sub-committee may:

  • Meet with you and/or the staff member/volunteer
  • Authorise the Coordinator to commence proceedings in accordance with the staff disciplinary policy or the volunteers’ policy
  • Engage the services of an external mediator, or;
  • Seek legal advice

All meetings must be minuted and kept in the complaint file.

The outcome of the sub-committee process must be reported to the next ordinary meeting of the Board. Subject to the Board’s approval, you will then be informed in writing of the procedures undertaken and the resulting decision.

If the complaint has led to action being commenced in accordance with disciplinary or volunteers’ procedures or in relation to the staff industrial agreement, notification to you will be undertaken with due respect for the privacy of the personnel concerned.

If you remain dissatisfied with the outcome of the process you will be advised of other avenues available including the Legal Services Commission, NSW Ombudsman and Anti-Discrimination Board.

If you are ready to submit your complaint, please download and  complete the complaints form, which includes details of how to submit the complaint.