Our Team

Keiran Kevans - Coordinator

Keiran has worked at Glebe Youth Service for 15 years. He is passionate about social justice and creating opportunities for young people.  Initially starting his career in environmental science and forestry, Keiran has found a strong sense of purpose in youth and community work. With the lived experience of his own challenges in childhood and teenage years, Keiran strongly believes in the positive impact community organisations can have on people's lives. He has a strong affinity with Glebe and is fully committed to the community and its people. 

He loves to travel, especially to India, is a tragic Sydney Swans fan and a failed bicycle enthusiast.

keiran@glebeyouth.org.au | 0410 606 940

Michael Coleman - Program Manager

Michael’s career objective is to find his niche in the youth services sector, where he can do his small part to address the inequalities that exist within our society. Michael has found that niche in Glebe, as is excited by the opportunity to work for a small secular youth service that is so well connected to the local community it serves.

Michael believes the most effective solutions to community problems come from the bottom up and that small community-based services are best positioned to help drive those solutions. Michael also has a strong commitment to social justice as evidenced by his work in the youth services sector in Sydney over the last 20 years and his decade-long involvement in the Palestinian solidarity movement. 

Prior to working at GYS, he has been employed as a residential carer, life skills educator, caseworker, and community development worker.

michael@glebeyouth.org.au | 0424 183 396

Amy O'Neill - Senior Youth and Family Early Intervention Worker

Amy is our Youth and Family Early Intervention worker. Employed at Glebe Youth Service since 2012, she is responsible for program development and delivery as well as case management work.

She was awarded NSW Youth Worker of The Year in 2016 and was nominated for the Betty Makin Youth Worker of the Year Award for 2014 and 2015 and Youth Action Youth Worker of the Year Award for 2015. She sits on a number of government and local community partnership committees and interagency groups.

amy@glebeyouth.org.au | 0410 606 253

Christina Yeomans - Administrator

Christina is our part-time administrator and has been working at Glebe Youth Service for over 9 years. Christina loves working in this area and believes she can contribute to her passion for helping people through her work at GYS. Christina has been living in Australia for 25 years and has a strong desire to help those in our community of Glebe..

christina@glebeyouth.org.au | (02) 9552 2873

Jeff Hockey - Youth and Community worker

Jeff is a long term Youth Worker with more than forty years experience in children’s and youth work. He is the Father of six children and Grand Father of nine.

Jeff brings a wealth of experience with him having worked in Engineering and as the CEO of a large youth organisation. He also works mid week in the Children’s Courts and in local High Schools in Youth Worker/Support roles.


Matt Paterson - Youth and Community worker

Matt has worked with youth and young people in various roles for more than 10 years, and has been working as a youth worker with GYS since 2012. Matt has a passion to see young people make positive choices, take responsibility for their actions and contribute to the wider community.

Katie Lay - Youth and Community worker

Katie is an enthusiastic youth worker at Glebe Youth Service, currently facilitating the Homework Club at Balmain Secondary School. She is presently studying social work at Western Sydney University. Katie is also passionate about her Christian faith, and hopes in the future to combine her love for young people and her faith when she graduates. Katie leads at her local church youth group, teaches trumpet to school kids, and never stops singing.

Habil Mawadi - Youth and Community Worker

Habil is a local young person who grew up in Glebe and attended Balmain High School and SSC Blackwattle bay campus. He has completed a Certificate 4 in Youth Work and is currently doing a diploma Community Services at Ultimo TAFE.

Habil is a young leader working to break barriers and improve the lives of young men in the wider Sydney community. After completing a student work placement at GYS he subsequently gained employment as a part-time youth worker. Habil is passionate about being able to assist young people in positive choices and to reach their full potential.

Eloise Woods - Youth and Community worker


Jennifer Norton - Youth and Community worker


Sally Joas - Youth and Community worker


Kasper Ewenson - Volunteer


Ankit Bailwal - Volunteer