About the program

The Glebe Pathways Project started in 2009 to reconnect local, predominantly Aboriginal, marginalised young people with a successful learning pathway that can lead back to formal schooling, a traineeship or apprenticeship, employment, or university.

Glebe Pathways is committed to developing and delivering programs and supporting the diverse learning and behavioural needs of each student. Our goal is to support students engage with school and the community, and to ensure they have the capacity to achieve their goals, and lead successful, rewarding lives. The program recognises the need to establish a structured and stable approach where learners receive consistent and shared messages from adults about learning and working together. This program is an offsite classroom for Sydney Secondary College that operates in Glebe Youth Service and is supported by SSC Balmain Campus teaching and support staff, GYS personnel and College executive staff.

The program operates five days per week from 9am-2pm for 7 young students aged 14-16 years who identify with the Glebe or wider College community.

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